VGR Navigator V-055 USB Charging Men Hair Trimmer

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  • رنگ:
  • جنس تیغه: Stainless steel
  • اجناس جانبی محصول: 4 combs, Brush, Charger, Manual, Oil
  • نوعیت چارجر: USB
  • مدت نگهداری چارج: 130 minutes
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  • Posted by حدیدشاپ-Hadidshop
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1,150 ؋


This hair shaving machine has an adjusting lever with the ability to size 0, 1 mm, 2 mm. This product can be used to shave hair, face and body.

Having 4 shoulders can give you more freedom of action, the shoulders are in the sizes of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm.

The blade of this product, in addition to being stainless, also has the ability to sharpen itself.

VGR model V555 with 90 minutes charge can be used for 120 minutes, the attractive point of this product is the ability to charge with the help of USB cable, which gives you the ability to charge even with the help of laptop, power bank and در on long trips Gives.

This product has a charger display and the remarkable point in VGR V_055 is the dual power engine.

Ergonomic design in this product and of course in all VGR brand products increases the maneuverability in this product.

Additional information


جنس تیغه

Stainless steel

اجناس جانبی محصول

4 combs, Brush, Charger, Manual, Oil

نوعیت چارجر


مدت نگهداری چارج

130 minutes

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