PHILIPS facial shaving machine model- HQ697016

Product attributes
  • رنگ:
  • جنس تیغه: Stainless steel
  • اجناس جانبی محصول: Charger, Manual
  • مدت نگهداری چارج: 240 minutes
  • امکانات و قابلیت‌ها: Ability to charge quickly, Cut 0 mm, Direct cut
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Philips AquaTouch series shaving machines are one of the most popular razors of this famous brand, the most important feature of which is waterproof. “AT890 / 20” also belongs to the same series and has double-edged blades and movable head; It can also be used in dry and wet form. The metal on the blades of this shaving machine is curved to move easily on the skin and have minimal contact with the skin; As a result, inflammation and redness will be minimized after shaving. The cover is also floating on the blades and moves on the face, taking the shape of the curves of the face; Therefore, there is no need to put too much pressure on the shaver head on the face. The blades themselves are double-edged, with one end of the hair lifted and the other cut off. This feature, which is present in the razor blades of Phillips, traps all the hair, even the hair lying under the neck, and causes shaving from the bottom. The most important feature of this shaving machine is that it is waterproof, which allows it to be used in dry and wet form with foam or shaving gel. To correct the beard and neck line or to trim the beard and brute hair, there is a female line attached to the back of the device, which comes out in a spring shape and is ready to be used.

Additional information

Weight377 g
Dimensions99 × 157 × 48 mm

جنس تیغه

Stainless steel

اجناس جانبی محصول

Charger, Manual

مدت نگهداری چارج

240 minutes

امکانات و قابلیت‌ها

Ability to charge quickly, Cut 0 mm, Direct cut

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