Kimi face shaving machine Model – km-3360

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  • رنگ:
  • جنس تیغه: Stainless steel
  • اجناس جانبی محصول: Charger, Manual
  • مدت نگهداری چارج: 240 minutes
  • امکانات و قابلیت‌ها: Ability to charge quickly, Cut 0 mm, Direct cut
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Kimi face shaving machine Model – km-3360 is one of the quality models produced and marketed by Kimi company. This machine is completely waterproof. This face shaving machine is designed in a small size and with ergonomic design, which is very easy and comfortable. It fits in your hands. The small size and the material of the plastic body make it very easy and enjoyable to hold and work with this chemical product, so that you will not feel any fatigue in your hands when working with the 3360 facial shaver. Steel blades are also one of the most important parts of this facial shaver, which has a very high power in shaving facial hair. The powerful blades of the 3360 shaving machine help to straighten hair as quickly as possible without getting stuck between the blades and damaging the skin. In addition to these features, this facial shaver has a lithium battery and is designed to be wireless, and its battery capacity and durability can be very important to the audience. The battery capacity of this shaving machine is 1200 mah, which can provide stable performance for 240 minutes. It only takes 5 hours to charge this car 100% to enjoy its performance again.

Additional information


جنس تیغه

Stainless steel

اجناس جانبی محصول

Charger, Manual

مدت نگهداری چارج

240 minutes

امکانات و قابلیت‌ها

Ability to charge quickly, Cut 0 mm, Direct cut

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