Bluetooth headphones model P47

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  • مدت نگهداری چارج: 6 to 7 hours
  • ورژن بلوتوت: 5.0
  • نوعیت چارجر: microUSB v2.0
  • پشتیبانی از SD Card: Yes
  • قابلیت وصل با: AUX cable, Bluetooth
  • نوع اتصال: AUX cable, Bluetooth
  • مقاوم در برابر: Humidity, Sweat
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  • Posted by حدیدشاپ-Hadidshop
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The P47 headphones have a beautiful design along with easy carrying, so they are very suitable for use anywhere. The designers have designed these headphones to be flexible. Therefore, the user can fold the two ears inwards and easily place it inside his beak. Its appearance has a very simple and elegant design and it will be very easy to set it due to having many colors with clothes.

The ears are also made of very soft and delicate microfiber material so that the user does not feel tired during long-term use. Of course, the light weight of this product and its lightness are another feature of this headphone. The most important point is the quality of the output sound. The sounds are completely separated and distinct. The details of the music are perfectly recognizable. The bass and sounds of suffering are also well transmitted. It should be noted that this model has a microphone that allows you to talk in a very clear voice with Bluetooth version 5.0.

An AUX cable and a charger cable are included with the headphones. You can use these headphones wirelessly using the AUX audio cable. Another feature of the P47 headphones is SD CARD support. With this unique feature, you no longer need a mobile phone to listen to music, and you can use headphones independently. These headphones are resistant to moisture and sweat and have the ability to remove noise. The battery life of these headphones is up to 7 hours.

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, , ,

مدت نگهداری چارج

6 to 7 hours

ورژن بلوتوت


نوعیت چارجر

microUSB v2.0

پشتیبانی از SD Card


قابلیت وصل با

AUX cable, Bluetooth

نوع اتصال

AUX cable, Bluetooth

مقاوم در برابر

Humidity, Sweat

مناسب برای

Conversation, Gaming, General use, Sport


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